Lyne's Story

is dedicated to teaching Yoga and Meditation classes through Yoga Therapy, bringing mindfulness and healing to our body, mind and emotions. She approaches teaching from a Yoga Therapy perspective engaging the whole being with a passion for anatomy and functional movement shared in classes.

Yoga Therapy Classes

As a Registered Yoga therapist, CYA-E-RYT 550 (Integrative Yoga Therapy) Lyne understands how to work with your body to alleviate pain and teaches tools so you can do it yourself. Your life is written in your body. Lyne helps guide you in uncovering and honouring your body’s messages.

Healing Services

Lyne offers a variety of healing modalities that includes stress release and methods of relaxation as well as techniques for personal transformation.

Yoga Classes

Private Sessions


Virtual Online Yoga


The Tensegrity Series is a sequence of repeated movements that allow us to feel the deepest layers of our body in an integral way. Through this practice we are able to reduce and reverse cumulative wear and tear to our joints, muscles and deep facial layers. Tensegrity is from tension and integrity.