Backcare Yoga/Tensegrity

This class combines the principles used in my Back care program and utilises the understanding of the body as a Tensegrity structure. You will be guided to explore the myofascial (myo–muscle, fascial – relates to various kinds of connective tissue) interconnections between various parts of your body– for example, between your shoulders and pelvis, or between your pelvis/hips and feet. 

We use awareness of breath as a way to create mental calm and focus, and explore various breathing practices to balance our nervous system. We play with many movement variations including some elements of the Tensegrity Series* to promote more freedom in all areas of our spine, flexibility, core connection, proper alignment and improved posture. Whether your pain is due to injury, surgery, repeated misalignment patterns, a work or sport related injury, chronic, or due to stress, you will benefit from this mindful approach to reconnect with your wholeness.

*The Tensegrity Repair Series was developed by senior Vijnana Yoga teacher Gioia Irwin. It is a sequence of movements designed to tone and strengthen the core and bring more flexibility and function to the energy network of the body’s connective tissue system (muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments). It helps to break down adhesions within and rehydrate fascia especially if you have had surgery and after injuries.

This is a virtual class available through Zoom

Fall Session:
September 17 to December 17, 2021 (14 weeks)
Fridays, 10 to 11:15 am

Pre-register for entire session, $224


Purchase Lyne’s 10-class pass, $180 or pre-pay a one time fee, $20

Please contact me to pre-register and receive the link to join the class on Zoom.