What is Reiki?

Reiki originated in Japan with Mikao Usui, and is a healing path of compassion for self and others. It is a modality for reducing stress and brings about relaxation that promotes healing and a healthier lifestyle.

Reiki – Energy Healing

Reiki – Energy Healing

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words: Rei and Ki. Rei means “Spiritual or Universal”; it can be defined as the Higher Intelligence and wisdom that guides the creation and functioning of the universe. Ki means “life force energy”.

Reiki in essence is a “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Universal life force energy surrounds us and flows through us. If we become disconnected from this energy, we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. By staying in tune with this energy we increase our ability to remain happy and healthy.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is a hands on healing session whereby a soft gentle flow of energy radiates throughout your body as you comfortably lay on a massage table. Reiki is all encompassing, treating the body, emotions, mind, and spirit that includes the beneficial effects of relaxation, feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.  

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of physical and spiritual healing that anyone can effectively use. It has been proven helpful with the recovery and prevention of illness.

Reiki – Energy Healing

Reiki – Energy Healing

Reiki is a wonderful method for relaxation as the energy flows through resistant muscle tissue encouraging them to let go of your stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of disease. By letting go of stress you encourage your body to live a healthy life free of the strain of living in this world. Reiki is a transformative lifestyle, at it opens a door that connects you to your truest essence, not just a method to heal your aches and pain.

My personal experience with Reiki

Reiki came to me at a time when I was dealing with a stressful separation and looking for a sense of direction and wishing for clarity as to how to bring more harmony into my life as a mother of a young son.

I had signed up for a series of 10 treatments with Elizabeth Candlish. My experience with Reiki was powerfully healing from the first treatment. By the 6th treatment, I felt that what I was receiving from this healing modality was helping me transform my perception of my situation, and I felt supported to trust in my own intuition about what steps to take next. Following each healing I felt a lightness and a sense of trust in life I hadn’t felt previously. It was then that I decided I wanted to become a Reiki practitioner.

Within less than a year I completed my Level 1 Usui Reiki Certification in July 2009 and my Level 2 in early 2010 with Elizabeth Candlish, Reiki Master/Teacher on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

I subsequently joined a Reiki healing circle and met my second Reiki teacher, Judy Shanley. Judy possessed a depth of understanding of the Mikao Usui Reiki system from her years of study and practice with Frans and Bronwen Stiene of the International House of Reiki.

In July 2011, I obtained my – Shinpiden Reiki Level III (master level),  from Judy Shanley, Master/Teacher from the International House of Reiki, in Gibsons, BC.

I offer individual healing session, and I guide my clients on a compassionate journey of self-discovery to become their highest potential, dissolve limitations and realize love.

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