We are moving online!

Lyne Yoga Therapy is offering virtual live online classes using the Zoom platform since April 2020, as a way of providing ongoing connection for pre-existing students and continue to make Yogic teachings available to you from the comfort and safety of your home.

These classes/workshops will help anchor your home practice, and offer tools, techniques and teachings to support you in staying present and mindful during these times of uncertainty.

My style of teaching derives from Yoga Therapy, which is focused on the individual and their needs, with mindfulness of breath and interconnections within the body as a key component of the practice. Each class is guided at a slow pace, using clear, detailed instructions allowing the student to feel what is appropriate for their body. We work with poses (asanas), movements adopted from other somatic disciplines such as Feldenkrais and Somatics, breath (pranayama), and quietening practices (meditation and relaxation). I will invite you to cultivate both strength and flexibility while staying engaged, present and relaxed with whatever your experience is.

Current Schedule

For my current schedule go to:
Yoga Therapy Classes

You will find my classes (to sample my style for free) on FaceBook

You will find more of my classes at:
Yoga by the Sea YouTube


As a Yoga therapist, I like to know who you are and what is your present health situation before you attend one of my classes.

You will need to fill out a history form and have a chance to tell me about yourself as well as what you are seeking(past injuries, motor vehicle accidents, surgeries, present concerns).

To register for classes/workshops, please contact me at lyne@lyneyogatherapy.com

3 Registration Options :

  • Pre-register for entire sessions
    (Prices vary)
  • Purchase my 10-class pass – $170
  • Try out a class as a drop-in  – $20

Contact lyne@lyneyogatherapy.com