Wake-Up Hatha Yoga for Mature Adults

Waking-Up comes from within. It’s about meeting yourself where you are, as you are, and opening to the mystery of what you can become.

  • This morning series sets the tone for peace of mind and well-being all day.
  • Begin by asking yourself: “What do I need from my practice today?” Steadiness, acceptance, connection?
  • This class focuses on opening and awakening your spine, moving at a slow pace, tapping into the power of breath, mental focus or attention, and intention. 
  • We will move through simple flowing sequences and postures that energize, increase muscle tone and flexibility and improve the overall quality of your movement.
  • Feel revitalized and centered in body and mind! 
  • Perfect for all levels of ability with some yoga experience.

This class is offered through the SCRD, at the Gibsons Recreation Centre

This class is currently on hold until further notice.

Contact: lyne@lyneyogatherapy.com