Move and Walk with Ease: Gentle Yoga to Release your Hips

Prepare to navigate slippery surfaces as we head into the fall and winter seasons! Regain ease of movement in walking!


This 2-hour workshop will focus on:

  • Re-aligning and freeing movement in your hips and pelvis
  • Releasing tension and improving range of motion in and around your hip joints to help alleviate low back pain
  • Understanding the impact of breath and the role of a balanced psoas in freeing the pelvis.
  • Integrate this knowledge through a guided practice of breath and body awareness, as well as active and therapeutic yoga postures.
  • Walk away with greater awareness and a few simple exercises to keep you feeling light and buoyant on your feet.

This workshop is offered October 1, 2023
At the Sechelt Aquatic Centre
10:30 am to 12:30 pm 
$50 (2 hr class with a short break)

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Register Directly through  SCRD Recreation


Inspiring Passion – A healing journey through the Chakras and the 5 Elements 

Dive into your body to reclaim who you truly are now…

Our past experiences, and especially the ones that wounded us emotionally, remain  imprinted as unconscious memories, in our subtle emotional body. Unless they are processed and integrated, these held emotions cause us to repeat the same patterns from the past which cause us suffering. What we need to do to free ourselves, and open to new possibilities is to feel and finally release them. 

Over this 7-week series, you will :

• Be introduced to your subtle energy anatomy, the chakra system, through experiential body-based practices.

• Learn about each of the chakras and how they relate to the stages of human psycho-energetic development from conception, birth, and all subsequent stages through to adulthood, leading to the conscious realization of yourself as a spiritual being.

• Understand what constitutes healthy development for each chakra, as well as how imbalances show up, including how they can lead to pain, illness or disease.

• Gain an understanding of the impact of energy blockages in your subtle body on your physical, mental and emotional health.

• Through the use of body awareness, visualization, guided meditation, self-enquiry, breathing practices, mantra, and yoga-based movements you will have the opportunity to explore issues that may be held in the chakras (for example, low back pain, and arthritis of the hips are related to the sacral chakra). Through these explorations you can gain a more holistic perspective and understanding of your life.

• Be prepared to choose new ways of being and relating in your relationships, experience greater self-love and acceptance, wisdom and joy, and connect with your PASSION!

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“We humans have no real idea of the capacities of this body in which we live. It can sip the nectar of a star when it’s correctly attuned. It can make sweet love to another person just from thinking about them. The body is a mirror of the macrocosm. It has so many jewels and treasures within it that we couldn’t explore them all if we had aeons. Our bodies are the last great, untamed wilderness. They’re the frontier, not the final frontier, they are the only frontier. We’ll never exhaust their abilities or their capacity for love and ecstasy.”
Richard Rudd (author of the Gene Keys)

Date: TBD

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Returning to Your Self
Mindfulness and Embodiment for life navigation

Learn ways of coming home to yourself…

We will start with mindfulness of the body as the foundation.
You will be guided in a body-scan to become more present to your experience in this moment.
Cultivate breath-awareness and learn simple breathing practices and Yoga sequences you can use daily to recalibrate your nervous system.
Be led in a guided meditation to grow self-acceptance and cut through confusion and stress to bring calm back into your life.

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Date: TBD

Location: Yoga by the Sea, 1055 Roberts Creek Road, Roberts Creek

To pre-register, contact Lyne at:

Therapeutic Yoga Intensive for Healthy Fascia and Improved Mobility

Help for poor posture, misalignments, restricted joint movement, or tension in your body!

In this workshop we will learn to reduce and reverse cumulative wear and tear to our body through the practice of the Tensegrity Repair Series. Developed by Gioia Irwin, this practice restores flexibility and function to all joints and connective tissue systems (fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments). The role fascia plays as connective tissue that holds our entire body together will become apparent.We will look at the myofascial meridians as presented in Thomas Myers book, Anatomy Trains, and do a yoga practice to feel these lines in our bodies.Our goal is to experience firsthand how changing our fascia helps to transform our body-mind.


Date: Sunday, May 5, 2024
1-4 pm
Fee: $60

Location: Yoga by the Sea, 1055 Roberts Creek Road, Roberts Cree

To pre-register, contact Lyne at:


Freeing Your Neck & Shoulders- A Yoga therapy workshop

Do you often feel like your neck and shoulders are stiff and immobile or that you carry “the world” on your shoulders?


Chronic neck and shoulder tension not only zaps your energy, it can cause shallow breathing which gives rise to aching muscles, headaches and jaw tension, leaving you stressed and fatigued.

In this workshop, we will enquire into our unconscious habits. We will use conscious breathing and release chronic tension in muscles to release our habitual holding patterns. We will restore range of motion in our upper back and shoulders to create ease and unwind the neck.

Leave this workshop feeling a sense of lightness in your upper body, and a deeper and easier breath.

No prior yoga experience necessary. However, being in good physical health and condition is important.

This workshop is offered on November 5, 2023
At the Sechelt Aquatic Centre
10:30 am to 1:30 pm 
$50 (3 hr class with 2 short breaks)

Register Directly through  SCRD Recreation

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Understanding Your Hips, Pelvis, and Lower Back: Yoga Therapy Workshop

  • Pelvis - hips - lower back

    Pelvis – hips – lower back

    Learn the anatomy of the pelvis/hips and understand the connection between the feet, legs and pelvis.

  • Learn how to use your breath to release tension.
  • Connect with the force of gravity to create levity in your body.
  • Explore the entire range of movement possible from your hips.
  • Integrate this knowledge through a guided practice of active and restorative yoga postures.
Psoas release practice demonstration

Psoas release practice demonstration

  1. Learn the anatomy of the pelvis/hips and understand the connection between the feet, hips and lower back.
  2. Understand the impact of breath and the role of a balanced psoas in freeing the pelvis.
  3. Integrate this knowledge through a guided practice of active and restorative yoga postures.
  4. Walk away with greater awareness, and a few simple exercises.