Yoga Therapy Classes

Bringing Balance to your physical, emotional and mental being.

As a Registered Yoga therapist, CYA-E-RYT 550 (Integrative Yoga Therapy) Lyne Lantaigne understands how to work with your body to alleviate pain and teaches you the tools so you can do it yourself. Your life is written in your body. Lyne helps guide you in uncovering and honoring your body’s messages. The process moves from the physical to the subtler level of your emotions. From your first session you will experience the benefits:  you will move with more ease, feel more emotionally and mentally calm and balanced, and enjoy a growing sense of self-mastery.

Other movement practices and areas of study that inform her teaching are Qi Gong, Somatics, Feldenkrais, Tensegrity Repair, Functional Anatomy (Anatomy Trains) applied to Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, Esoteric Science, Reiki (Certified Level 3 Practitioner), and Sound Healing.

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